About IMBing

Creating the IMBing brand was an uncomplicated process. It is a culmination of events, experiences, and cherished memories shared among the people I hold dear, both by blood and those with whom I share mutual respect, love, and understanding. I affectionately refer to them as "My Family." The challenge lies in building a small business from the ground up. However, it is precisely these experiences that enrich our lives and make the journey worthwhile!

Our journey began in the Philippines and has taken us across the globe through relocations and immigrations, whether for work or simply because we felt the need for change. Alongside our vacation travels, these journeys have allowed us to immerse ourselves in diverse cultures, embracing differences in food, clothing, behavior, language, and more.

Some of our fondest memories are the moments we spent discussing dreams, hopes, and aspirations, accompanied by endless laughter over silly jokes and mishaps. Whether it was during a meal at a restaurant or someone's home, or while traveling in a van from one tourist spot to another, these shared experiences always inspired me to share what we have encountered and enjoyed. And so, I decided to take the leap and bring the IMBing brand to life.

The IMBing brand represents a collection of products and goods that "My Family" has made, loved, or enjoyed. These are not random items purchased online or mass-produced goods lacking quality. Each product has been personally tasted, consumed, tried, and tested by most, if not all, of our family members.

We embarked on our journey by launching the IMBing brand coffee during the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. It truly reflected how many of us start our day, whether at home or on vacation. During one of my work-related temporary relocations to Kansas, not far from where some of our family members reside, I had the pleasure of meeting our first roastery partner. We fell in love with their coffee, and thus, we decided to share it with you.

Since then, a lot has transpired. Plans for retirement shifted within a few weeks of launching our online store, leading me to North Carolina for work while our household relocated to Florida, where we now call home. The new environment and experiences continue to enrich our lives. We have found a new roastery partner and are fueled by an invigorated passion to pursue our dreams.

We are still diligently working on developing other products and goods that bring smiles to our faces. Rest assured, we will share them with you as soon as they become available.